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Structured Literacy

We know how the brain learns to read.  While speech is natural, reading and writing are a human invention dating back about 5000 years.  There are decades of scientific data that proves without a doubt how the brain learns to read.  Structured Literacy adheres to that knowledge and therefore is the scientifically proven method for reading instruction.  At The Code Academy, we will always adhere to the science, and specifically to Structured Literacy instruction.

Prevention versus Intervention

We know that structured literacy, if delivered with fidelity, from the beginning of a child's education, can make all the difference in the world.  Their formative reading years are taught properly, according to science, without the consequences of poor reading instruction, guessing strategies, or any other poor reading practices.  Our children with a specific learning disability and / or dyslexia, are given what they need to thrive.  We believe that teaching children correctly from the beginning, with structured literacy, ensures their success, and prevents them from having to make up for lost time. 

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To find out more please email us at or call 832-767-0915.  We'd love to hear from you.

Welcome to The Code Academy

The Code Academy is a CALT (Certified Academic Language Therapist) run school located in Houston, Texas.  We focus on early literacy, entrenched in Structured Literacy, serving children with a learning disability in reading and / or dyslexia.  We are dedicated to providing the child with the proper instruction in reading, writing and math, based on the scientific principles of how the brain learns to read.  To find out more please email us at


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